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By James J. Reidy MD

Discusses the constitution and serve as of the cornea and exterior eye and experiences appropriate exam recommendations. Covers infectious and ocular floor illnesses, problems and surgical procedure of the ocular floor, immune-mediated and neoplastic problems, congenital anomalies and degenerations. A lately up to date bankruptcy at the genetics of corneal dystrophies displays the hot IC3D class. Discusses poisonous and hectic accidents and corneal transplantation. includes many new colour photographs. lately revised 2010 2011.

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Cavanagh HD, Petro!! WM, Jester IV. Confocal microscopy. In: Krachmer JH, Ma nn is MJ, Holland EJ, eds. Cornea. 2nd ed. Voll. Ph iladelphia: Elsevier/Mosby; 2005:283-297. Ch iou AG, Kaufma n SC, Kaufman HE, Beuerma n RW. Clinical corneal confocal microscopy. Surv Ophthalmol. 2006;S l (S)A82-S00. Goins K~'l , Wagoner MD. Imaging the anterior segment. Focal Points: Clinical Modu les Jar Ophthalmologists. San Francisco: Amer ican Academy of Ophthalmology; 2009, module 11. Measurement of Corneal Topography Zones of the Cornea For more than 100 years, the corneal shape has been known to be aspheric.

Am } Oph thalmol. 1999;127( 1):77-84 . CHAPTER 3 Ocular Surface Disease: Diagnostic Approach Ocular Cytology An important step in the diagnosis of m any in fect io us and infla m matory conditions of th e ocu lar surface is the examination of conjunctival or corneal specimens by light micros- copy. Standard stain ing procedures are widely used to faci litate the detection of microbial and human cells. This section d iscusses the procedures used in these investigat ions and the implications that can be drawn from their results.

Focal Points: Clinical Modules for Ophthalmologists. San Francisco. American Academy of Ophrhalmology; 2009. ) microscopy provides more spatial resolution and magnification, particularly in the z-axis. This allows in vivo optical sections of the cornea with a resolution at cellula r and subcel lular levels. Confocal microscopy can detect infectious crystalline keratopathy, fun gal keratitis, and amebic keratitis. It has also been used to follow refractive surgery patients to anal yze haze formation and the complications of LAS IK flaps, such as epithelial ingrowth.

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