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By C. G. Ivan Hussell, Alice F. Laing, G. L. Watt

A organic and mental historical past to schooling specializes in man's actual and mental features which effect education.

The booklet first underscores the significance of man's organic history, the organic nature of guy, and the character of the very important tactics. Discussions specialize in breathing, food, item of significant actions, features of guy as an animal, primate features, variety of guy, public schooling, and human biology within the faculties. The booklet then examines the keep watch over of important methods, replica and intercourse schooling, genetic components within the lifetime of guy, evolution and guy, and improvement and development.

The manuscript takes a glance at circulate, posture, and workout, future health and the teacher's accountability, social history of guy, greater psychological tactics, and constitution of character. issues contain social elements in character, remembering and forgetting, intelligence, conception, modern pressures in society, prevention of illness, and the importance of levers within the body.

The booklet is designed for college kids at schools of schooling and schools of actual schooling.

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This stimulates general body growth. Insufficiency of this hormone during childhood results in dwarfism, but a pituitary dwarf due to this cause is usually normal in respect to mental and sexual development. Oversecretion of the growth hormone results in giantism. In the adult, over-secretion results in the condition known as acromegaly in which the facial features become very prominent and the skin is thick and coarse. (2) Adreno-cortico-trophic hormone (ACTH). This governs the secretions of the adrenal cortex.

62 BIOLOGICAL BACKGROUND TO EDUCATION In such cases there would be no previous history to indicate the possible transmission of the disease. This is believed to have been the case with Queen Victoria. Colour blindness, in which red and green are confused, is also a sex-linked condition which involves a recessive gene carried on the X chromosome. Unlike the genetics of haemophilia, the presence of colour-blind genes on both X chromosomes is not lethal, although it is quite rare. It is, in fact, sixteen times less common in females than in males.

Inevitably, some useful substances such as glucose and mineral salts, as well as waste products, pass out from the blood. Consequently, products useful to the body need to be reabsorbed into the blood stream. Gradually, urine, rich in urea, is formed. The urine is drained away from the kidneys by the ureters and stored in the muscular bladder which is periodically emptied. The skin also has an important excretory function, which it carries out by expelling water, in which salts are dissolved, on to its surface.

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