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The various 34 allophones of /hi are also in complementary distribution with all of the final stop allophones. they cannot be, /bi If compounds and proper names were excluded, as yould also be in complementary distribution with (e). Initial (PJ, (tJ, (kJ, [kYJ are also in complementary distribution Yith [-J, intelVocalic [r), Ce) and [ew) respectively, and with the occurring . h p J, [h final phones [p, t , t J and [h k, k J,respect~vely. ). At first glance the intelVocalic voiced phones appear in contrast with the intelVocalic stops: /apput/ [ ••• aput ) 'his son'; laput/ [ ••• aaut ) 'his, her, its stomach'; /etto/ [ ••• 3tcJ 'laugh'; leto/ ( ••• 31'0) 'main part or source'; /okko/ [ ••• ekc] 'price'; /oko/ [ ••• cwc] akwkYe/ [ ••• ak3, 'we said'; /akke, u W3) 'its entrance'; /ake, u-e/ [ ...

This is impossible in AV, where tmaapirated stop correa- pondences of intervocalic PDToiced stops contrast vith attricated and aspirated stop correspondences at intervocalic PD geminate clusters ot aspirate stops; in U;V these tva kiDds of correspondences coincide IUId are both interpreted as gBllinate clusters of the stops of the one series. Except for the correspondence ot unit initial are represented in mv Iv! to PD */B/, PD :lJrploeivss generally as in WD. with /p/ corresponding to other occurrences of */~/, and Velar nasal /hi 11/ corresponding to all occurrences of */6/.

9 THE PATTERN OF MID-HABLIFOERI DANI Still more cODgl'llent than GD vi th the PD phonemic pattern 1s a dialect spoken in the valleys of the Kapia and Kulet rivera. tributaries flowing into the mid-Bablifoeri, across the range to the east of the illY area. 9 9A cursory vocabulary check of the dialect was made by the author. 17 This dialect will be referred to as MH. Dary check indicates that the PD consODallt pattem, plus glottal stop, occurs in this dialect. Cor- respondences of PD voiced stops are voiced stops at the beginnings of spans of speech between pauses, and prenasalized voiced stops between vowels.

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