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By Frantz Fanon

An incisive and illuminating account of ways, through the Algerian Revolution, the folks of Algeria replaced centuries-old cultural styles and embraced sure historic cultural practices lengthy derided via their colonialist oppressors as primitive, so as to ruin those self same oppressors. Fanon makes use of the 5th yr of the Algerian Revolution as some extent of departure for an explication of the inevitable dynamics of colonial oppression.

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She experiences a sense of incompleteness with great intensity. She has the anxious feeling that something is unfin­ ished, and along with this a frightful sensation of disintegrating. The absence of the veil distorts the Algerian woman's corporal pattern. She quickly has to invent new dimensions for her body, new means of muscular control. She has to create for herself an attitude of unveiled-woman-outside. She must overcome all timidity, all awkwardness (for she must pass for a European), and at the same time be careful not to overdo it, not to attract notice to herself.

But the dominant psycho­ logical feature of the colonized is to withdraw before any invita­ tion of the conqueror's. In organizing the famous cavalcade of May l Sth, colonialism has obliged Algerian society to go back to methods of struggle already outmoded. In a certain sense, the different ceremonies have caused a turning back, a regression. Colonialism must accept the fact that things happen without its control, without its direction. We are reminded of the words spoken in an international assembly by an African political figure.

She must overcome all timidity, all awkwardness (for she must pass for a European), and at the same time be careful not to overdo it, not to attract notice to herself. The Algerian woman who walks stark naked into the European city relearns her body, re-establishes it in a totally revolutionary fashion. t! 14 The woman, who before the Revolution never left the house without being accompanied by her mother or her husband, is now entrusted with special missions such as going [rom Oran to Constantine or Algiers.

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