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By Bradley S. Tice

This paintings addresses the inspiration of compression ratios more than what has been identified for random sequential strings in binary and bigger radix-based structures as utilized to these usually present in Kolmogorov complexity. A end result of the author’s decade-long learn that all started together with his discovery of a compressible random sequential string, the booklet keeps a theoretical-statistical point of advent appropriate for mathematical physicists. It discusses the appliance of ternary-, quaternary-, and quinary-based platforms in statistical conversation idea, computing, and physics.

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Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences (John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1982). Appendix C Patterns Within Patternless Sequences* Bradley S. Tice While Kolmogorov complexity, also known as Algorithmic Information Theory, defines a measure of randomness as being pattern-less in a sequence of a binary string, such rubrics come into question when sub-groupings are used as a measure of such patterns in a similar sequence of a binary string. This paper examines such sub-group patterns and finds questions raised about existing measures for a random binary string.

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