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VERB 'o huhu'id g ban. AUX d. ^ VERB g cu:wî SUBJECT g ban. The coyote is/was • chasing the jackrabbit. AUX OBJECT SUBJECT 'o g ban huhu'id. AUX SUBJECT VERB The following examples give all the other possible word orders for sentence (2): 4. a. Nu:kud 'o VERB AUX g 'ali g cehia. OBJECT SUBJECT 32 LESSON 2 b. Cehia SUBJECT c. 'Ali OBJECT 'o AUX e. 'Ali OBJECT VERB 'o nu:kud g cehia. AUX d. Nu:kud 'o VERB g 'ali nu:kud. OBJECT AUX 'o AUX VERB SUBJECT g cehia SUBJECT The girl is/was taking care of the child.

18. a. 'A'al 'o 'a'i 'e-dadagkon. 1 The children are/were b. 'A'i 'o 'e-dadagkon g 'a'al. J drying each other. 19. a. Cecia 'o 'a'i 'e-'e'eiiigadad. 1 The girls are/were b. 'A'i 'o 'e'enigadad g cecia. J dressing each other. 20. a. 'U'uwi 'o 'a'i 'e-gagswua. 1 The women are/were b. 'A'i 'o 'e-gagswua g 'u'uwi. J[ combing each other's hair. EXERCISES A. Translate into English: 1. 'Idam 'u'uwi 'o 'e-wapcwi. 2. Hegam cecoj c cecia 'o a'i 'e-neid. 3. 'A:ni 'an n-keihin. 4. No g 'o'odham 'e-'enigadad?

5. 'A:ni an 'i:ya wo'o kc 'o'ohan. 24 I am/was lying here and writing. CONJUNCTIONS 6. 'A:pi c 'asni 'ac 'i:ya 'oyopo. 25 You and I are/were walking around here. NOTE: For some speakers of Papago, c is pronounced as kc when the preceding word ends in a vowel. In this case, example (6) above would be written: 'A:pi kc 'a:ni 'ac 'i:ya 'oyopo. , hegai, hegam, g) refers to both conjoined nouns, as in samples (1) and (2) above, it is not repeated before the second noun. Conjoined nouns are similar to plural nouns and take the plural auxiliaries, as follows: Use 'ac when the conjunction includes first person: 7.

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