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By Gideon Lewis-Kraus

Deals debts of the author's pilgrimages to 3 holy websites looking for own course, describing the loads of miles trekked and the folks encountered alongside the best way. Tallinn -- Berlin -- Camino -- Berlin/Shanghai -- Shikoku -- Shanghai/San Francisco -- Uman -- Kiev/Berlin

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Indd 26 11/7/11 9:11 AM A Sense of Direction makes you special. You have the Holocaust in your pocket, the run of a city you rightly deserve. There was the feeling that the Holocaust got you off the hook, only furthering the idea that you were in Berlin to do just as you pleased, sleep with whomever you felt like, even if she had a boyfriend. It allowed you to be contemptuous of the Germans, gave you an excuse to ignore the local culture. Or you could be obsequious, make a big deal out of how little you cared about the Holocaust, how much you despised the “Shoah industry,” how awful the histrionics of Libeskind.

No proper word did ever come later, but somehow the infinitely deferred description made sense. indd 31 11/7/11 9:11 AM Gideon Lewis-Krauss 1S R 1L a tent and a jean onesie, and then several other TKs, many of them from the closet of the Long Island home of her crazy aunt Terry, a high school art teacher and the relative she most longed to resemble. Alix had lexical idiosyncrasies, told hammy old jokes, dazzled, and made oblique references. Her basic reaction to the world was to call it bonkers.

He and his studio-mate called the place the Bernsteinzimmer, the “Amber Room,” after the alleged hoard of still-missing Nazi gold. His DJ name was Kevin9/11 until Emilie forced him to change it. Then he called himself Kevolution. Emilie sighed and gave up. They had a pretty good relationship for a while, one mostly based on mutual respect for the intensity with which the other could party. Their terms of endearment were party related. «Du bist das Partymäuschen», they would say with affectionate accuracy.

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