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By Ivan Bunn

In 1662, Amy Denny and Rose Cullender have been accused of witchcraft, stood trial and have been hanged in Lowestoft. a tribulation of Witches is an in-depth research of this trial and an research of the court docket approaches and the bigger social, cultural and political issues of the interval.

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The case against Amy Denny and Rose Cullender, however, largely represented stale allegations. The lone charge involving a death by witchcraft concerned events that had taken place in 1659, three years before the trial of the Lowestoft women. Illnesses suffered by Elizabeth and Deborah Pacy, two young girls, said to have been brought about by Amy Denny’s witchcraft, were the only alleged serious recent crimes. And only four months before her assize trial, Amy Denny had been placed in the Lowestoft stocks for witchcraft, a punishment once, but no longer, decreed for the first such offense, and one most typically used for drunkards, scolds, and other minor community irritants.

In the final paragraph of the dedication, Browne refers to Nicholas as “being a flourishing branch of that noble family…[o]f the most worthy Sir Edmund Bacon, prime Baronet, my true and noble friend…”3 Since Garden of Cyrus was published three years after Edmund had been created fourth Baronet of Redgrave, A trial of witches 18 Browne clearly is referring to the man who served as justice of the peace for the arrest of Amy Denny and Rose Cullender. 8 He had become the fourth Premier Baronet of Redgrave in 1655, and was the great-great grandson of Sir Nicholas Bacon (1509–1579).

Edmunds from at least as early as 1187. In 1662, the assizes met at the Shirehall, located near the center of the town. The L-shaped building had two main courtrooms that overlooked the churchyard of St. Mary’s to the north. Crown court cases were heard in one room, while the other served as a nisi prius court, where civil cases were adjudicated. There also were two small rooms, about 15 by 20 feet, which were used by the grand jury and for witnesses and officials, and a small enclosed yard containing a privy.

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