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By Casey Ryan Kelly

From the viewpoint of cultural conservatives, Hollywood videos are cesspools of vice, exposing impressionable audience to pernicious sexually-permissive messages. supplying a groundbreaking learn of Hollywood movies produced for the reason that 2000, Abstinence Cinema involves a really diversified end, discovering echoes of the evangelical movement’s abstinence-only rhetoric in every little thing from effortless A to Taken.

Casey Ryan Kelly tracks the impressive sex-negative flip that Hollywood movies have taken, associating premarital intercourse with disgrace and degradation, whereas romanticizing conventional nuclear households, courtship rituals, and gender roles. As he demonstrates, those video clips are really disempowering for younger women, concocting plots during which the choice to chorus from intercourse till marriage is the younger woman’s fundamental resource of organization and arbiter of ethical worthy. finding those regressive sexual politics not just in anticipated websites, just like the Twilight movies, yet extraordinary ones, just like the raunchy comedies of Judd Apatow, Kelly makes a compelling case that Hollywood motion pictures have taken an important step backward in fresh years.

Abstinence Cinema deals shut readings of flicks from a large spectrum of genres, and it places those motion pictures into dialog with rhetoric that has emerged in different arenas of yankee tradition. difficult assumptions that we live in a extra liberated period, the ebook sounds a caution bell concerning the robust cultural forces that search to demonize sexuality and curtail lady sexual supplier.

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In addition to countless anti-­ Twilight blogs, websites, and Tumblr pages, the saga is panned in parody films such as Vampires Suck (2010) and Breaking Wind (2012). 21 Despite the recent scholarly attention to Twilight, Stephenie Meyer disavows any symbolic or politically salient messages in her work. She explains, “I never meant for [Bella’s] fictional choices to be a model for anyone else’s real life choices. She is a character in a story, nothing more or less. ”22 Despite Meyer’s best efforts to depoliticize the series, popular culture inevitably draws from other discursive fields to make its messages salient to audiences.

Bella’s anxious anticipation of such a radical reversal in desire and power suggests that FIGURE 3. Bella and Edward have a night of conversation to help control their mutual desire. Twilight. DVD. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Universal City, CA: Summit Entertainment, 2013. 36 A bstinence C inema there is something uniquely menacing about female vampires. As Barbara Creed contends, the fanged mouth of popular culture’s female vampire connects the unconscious mind of the audience with the primal uncanniness of the mythic vagina dentata, or a toothed vagina with the capacity to castrate men.

Their relationship is overwrought with references to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and motifs of “star-­crossed lovers,” including (failed) suicide attempts by both Edward and Bella upon hearing false reports of each other’s death. Once Edward resolves to return to Forks and continue his courtship of Bella, the two reach a grand bargain in which Edward will “turn” Bella and consummate their relationship if she agrees to marry him. Bella consents, but only if she can experience sexual intimacy after their marriage but before her transformation.

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