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The “sense” of a word is its meaning. The word “cat” refers to a small, furry animal with whiskers, a long tail, and, if you’re unlucky, a knack for scratching up all your new furniture. We can all agree that’s what “cat” means. But “cat” also has a particular sound when you say it, and this sound is different from similar words for “cat” in other languages. Most of the things that you hear, say, or read in your daily life (including the words you are reading right now) put more emphasis on meaning than on sound.

While this clock at an unearthly height is a little spooky, it's also beautiful, and gives us light beyond the farthest city lights. The moon is distant and dreamlike. Stanza 5 Line 13 Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right. So now we find out what time the clock (or the moon) "proclaims" (says) it is. But "neither wrong nor right" is no time we've ever seen on a clock before. Or maybe the speaker feels like, no matter what time it is, it's neither wrong nor right. He's acquainted with the night, so he's used to this dark, creepy loneliness, but he doesn't like it very much, either.

What’s their “deal,” anyway? And, most importantly, Never Be Intimidated. Regardless of what your experience with poetry in the classroom has been, no poet wants to make his or her audience feel stupid. It’s just not good business, if you know what we mean. Sure, there might be tricky parts, but it’s not like you’re trying to unlock the secrets of the universe. Heck, if you want to ignore the “meaning” entirely, then go ahead. Why not? Poetry is about freedom and exposing yourself to new things.

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