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By Hassan Salih Khalilieh

It is a comparative learn facing the maritime practices which prevailed within the Byzantine and Islamic worlds round the Mediterranean from 7-10 centuries C.E. and contains seven chapters. the 1st bankruptcy describes the actual and criminal value of the send, computation of ability, and the significance of naming advertisement vessels. bankruptcy examines problems with possession and ownership of a vessel, the employment stipulations of the team, and the passengers’ prestige on board send. Carriage of shipment by means of sea and types of contracts, legal responsibility of the lessor, transport charges, and breach of agreement are coated in bankruptcy 3. Jettison, standard, and contribution are taken care of in bankruptcy 4. bankruptcy 5 treats the legislation of collision and the principles governing the salvage of jetsam, are surveyed in bankruptcy Six. the ultimate bankruptcy explains the felony transformations among Byzantine and Islamic mercantile legislations and descriptions the foundations of the ocean mortgage, chreokoinonia, and qirad.

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