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Overall, older men are more evenly distributed across industries compared with women, although a higher proportion of men are employed in the primary sector industries, “manufacturing” and “construction”. With respect to occupation, altogether some 49% of all employed older men are working in manual occupations. The comparable figure for older 46 AGEING AND EMPLOYMENT POLICIES: FINLAND – ISBN-92-64-02030-6 © OECD 2004 women is 22%. Since manual occupations usually are more physically demanding with a larger hazard of injury, the risk that older men leave the labour market before the official retirement age due to health reasons is higher than for older women.

The total dependency ratio, which captures the overall shift in population changes relative to the working-age population (20-64), is also important to consider. Most of the increase in the Finnish total dependency ratio is also expected to occur in the next 25 years. 2, Panel B). This is comparable to the situation in the European Union and the OECD area where the increases mainly occur over the latter part of the period. 2 million people to 5 million by 2050. 3). The evolution of the “baby-boom” generation reaching the age of 65 around 2010 is clearly traceable.

However, compared to Sweden and Norway, for example, the Finnish gaps are almost twice as high for both men and women. 3. Participation rates by age and gender in OECD countries, 2002 Percentages Men aged 50-64 Men aged 25-49 0 20 40 60 80 100 0 20 TUR 40 60 80 100 60 80 100 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 20 40 60 80 100 Women aged 65-69 ISL SWE NOR FIN DNK NZL USA CHE GBR CAN JPN FRA PRT KOR AUS CZE DEU NLD IRL POL SVK AUT HUN MEX GRC ESP BEL LUX ITA TUR ISL SWE FIN DNK SVK NOR CHE CAN AUT CZE PRT FRA POL DEU NLD GBR USA BEL NZL AUS HUN IRL LUX JPN ESP GRC ITA KOR MEX 20 40 ISL MEX KOR JPN TUR PRT USA NZL NOR IRL CHE AUS CAN DNK SWE GBR GRC POL CZE ITA NLD FIN DEU AUT ESP HUN LUX SVK FRA BEL Women aged 50-64 Women aged 25-49 0 Men aged 65-69 ISL JPN MEX CHE NZL SWE NOR KOR USA DNK IRL CAN GBR PRT CZE ESP AUS NLD GRC FIN DEU FRA SVK ITA AUT LUX TUR POL BEL HUN ISL MEX JPN CHE LUX CZE GRC FRA AUT SVK NLD DEU PRT BEL ESP DNK GBR IRL CAN KOR ITA FIN USA NZL NOR TUR POL AUS SWE HUN ISL KOR JPN PRT USA MEX NOR TUR CHE NZL GBR SWE CAN AUS POL DNK IRL CZE GRC DEU NLD AUT FIN ITA ESP FRA HUN LUX BEL SVK 0 20 40 60 80 100 Source: OECD Labour Force Statistics.

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