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By Tom Mes

This variation includes a new and elevated color part, thoroughly up to date DVD info, and several other fresh studies of Takashi Miike movies that have been unavailable for assurance on the time of the book's preliminary creation.

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He information gained from the two suspects, Tatsuhito and his partner Shimada out Wang during his daily affairs and discover that Yoshihito is working for the g s t e r . Enraged, Tatsuhito chases’their car on foot and manages to catch up traffic light. He is too exhausted to do anything, but the look he directs at gh the windshield sums up all the resentment the cop feels for his younger res of Wang taken by Shimada lead to a positive identification and further ut hi activities and past: Wang fled Taiwan after committing a murder and ed up in Kabukicho where he is now involved in the smuggling of human day he continues to financially support a hospital in his hometown.

The stabbing starts off a gang war which quickly has l&lo and Daimon men involved in tights, stabbings, assassinations and drive-by shootings all through the city. Meanwhile, the three original culprits are being kept hidden in a house on the outskirts of town. When Masaki’s right hand man Miyagi brings tfiem a supply of food, a T6do hitman enters the house behind him. The intruder kills the threesome but spares Miyagi, who did little to defend his colleagues and gets away with only a shot wound in the thigh.

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