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By Juan Battle, Antonio (Jay) Pastrana Jr., Angelique Harris

This booklet makes use of own narratives and survey information from over 2,100 respondents to discover the range of reviews throughout Black LGBT groups in the usa. The authors rfile and have fun some of the daily strengths and techniques hired by way of this impressive inhabitants to navigate and negotiate their day-by-day lives.

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Similar to Wayne, most Black SJS respondents were raised in religious homes where they not only frequently attended religious services but were also actively engaged in other church activities. This is not surprising since 72% of Black children, more than in any other racial group, attend weekly church services (Dye 2004). ” Some make a clear distinction between religiosity and spirituality and tend to identify more with the latter. Such was the case with 22-year-old Clarence from Brooklyn, New York: I’m not a religious person, but a spiritual person.

This is known as coming out to others. In between 3 COMING OUT AND BEING OUT 27 these two processes exists a plethora of experiences that are shaped by such things as the sociopolitical climate of a geographic setting, the decision to selectively disclose sexuality to others, and economic interdependence. It should be noted that coming out is not a necessary component of being LGBT—people go through some or none of the coming out processes mentioned. Still, due to continued social and legal discrimination against LGBT people in the United States and around the world, the coming out process is often fraught with concerns about safety and personal agency.

For more information about Unity Fellowship Church, visit http://www. org/mainsite/. J. , and J. Daniels. 2012. Social Justice Sexuality Survey: The Executive Summary for the Black Population. New York. com/publications/. Billingsley, A. 1992. Climbing Jacob’s Ladder: The Enduring Legacies of AfricanAmerican Families. New York: Simon & Schuster. Cain, D. S. 2007. The Effects of Religiousness on Parenting Stress and Practices in the African American Family. Families in Society 88(2): 263–272. Chatters, L.

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