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Finite-temperature field theory: principles and applications

Completely revised and up to date, this new version develops the fundamental formalism and theoretical strategies for learning relativistic box idea at finite temperature and density. It begins with the path-integral illustration of the partition functionality after which proceeds to strengthen diagrammatic perturbation suggestions.

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11) η¯=0,J=0 The generating functional has a path integral representation, Z[¯ η , J] = ¯ d]ei D[¯ c, c, d, ¯ S[¯ c,c,d,d]+ C dτ (¯ η d+¯ cJ) where we use the shorthand notation η¯d ≡ n η¯n dn and c¯J ≡ kα c¯kα Jkα . The d and the c fields are entangled in the Lagrangian Eq. 10). To disentangle them, we perform a shift of variables, dτ1 d¯m (τ1 )t∗kα,m gkα (τ1 , τ ) c¯kα (τ ) ≡ c¯kα (τ ) − m C m C ckα (τ ) ≡ ckα (τ ) − dτ1 gkα (τ, τ1 )tkα,m dn (τ1 ) 38 3 Applications where gkα (τ, τ1 ) is the contour-ordered Green’s function of the isolated leads defined earlier.

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